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fun with learning

No more BORING and INEFFECTIVE training, we understand the human brain and know it learns best with fun and interactivity.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Our effective training is GUARANTEED to increase the performance of everyone in your company that attends it for the rest of the years to come.


about us.

Started back in 2008, we are a corporate training company specializing in improving your company’s management structure, leadership, and sales across the company.

We have a deep understanding of human psychology and thus understands that the human brain does not learn well if it is bored. That is why we include elements of fun and interactivity into almost all of our training programs, never allowing the attendees to simply sit still in a classroom. Except when it comes to things like sales tax legislation and such, that’s never any fun.

This means that our training will be the most effective out there due to the fact that the attendees will be able to absorb almost everything we are training them on. 

Pair that with a very competent and certified line of trainers, and you can be sure you will be getting your money’s worth in no time at all.


Our focus.

We cover everything to improve your company's performance.
Team Building

Our specialty program. Get your team into sync with the help of our expert trainers and a well thought-out program structure, and see the magic that unfolds in the workplace afterwards.

Management Coaching

Having trouble with declining or maintaining team performance? Come get some mentoring from our experienced coaches of over 30 years.

Public Programs

Get trained on anything from skyrocketing your sales as an individual to learning how to do accounts. Public programs are like they sound, open to the public, and what we train depends on what's on the menu

Soft Skills

The advanced modules of training we have to offer. Get familiar with the mechanics of human psychology and how it can skyrocket either your individual sales or team performance as a whole.


Our team.

Glen Richards

Founder, CEO, and Head Trainer

William Wong

Head of Soft Skills Training

Marissa Adams

Lead Developer

Jennifer Gilmore



Projects Completed


Satisfied Clients


Positive Feedbacks




Richmark in detail

What makes us special

fun with learning

Nobody likes to sit in a classroom for hours at a time. Our focus here at Richmark is to make sure your employees thoroughly enjoy the training session, and walk away retaining the knowledge they attained, as hard as that is to believe.


Results or your money back

While integrating elements of fun into our training is our focus, since it helps with retention, but if the training doesn’t produce results for you, it’d all have been for naught. So don’t worry, because paying your employees to attend our training is going to generate multitudes of profits for your company in return.


cutting edge training

Our training programs are regularly updated throughout the year so you can rest assured that your company will only be receiving the latest, most cutting edge and effective training there is out there.


public Programs

Our services don’t just end at the corporate level. We often hold public training sessions that, while will directly benefit the people in the corporate world, will also be immensely helpful for members of the general public as well. In fact, there is one coming up, check it out!



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Melina Albrecht

Founder, TingTong


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